Queen of the Night – NYC Show
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Masha LundThis week I went to the “Queen of the Night” show in NYC with my mom and my gf. The whole experience was amazing! The only bad thing was the pig … as I don’t eat them, and I felt really bad for little piggy! But, if you live in NYC or visiting, definitely check this show out!!  And … wait til they bring the lobster out!! Haha The staff and bartenders are so much fun too. But, if you are too shy, don’t bother get dessert as you will be fed by them. lol

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12 18 19 PM“Queen of the Night”, New York’s newest theatrical experience, has relaunched the legendary Diamond Horseshoe nightclub beneath the Paramount Hotel. Audience members—or participants, really—can expect a stimulating and utterly unique mix of music, circus acts, chic design and intriguing food.

From Randy Weiner, producer of “Sleep No More,” and the creators of The Box, “Queen of the Night” (which is loosely based on Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”) will also redefine expectations for what to expect during a night at the theater. The show is the first to be held at the newly renovated Diamond Horseshoe, a historic venue that in prior decades played host to dinner-theater productions, vaudeville acts and a chorus of showgirls. “Queen of the Night” brings such vintage entertainments into the 21st century.


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