Nail Polish Trends – Fall – Winter 2013/2014
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nail-polish-trends-fall-2013-700x357When it comes to fashion and style, it’s all about the little things and some details really do make the difference. We believe in the impact a gorgeous watch or a cool pair of sunglasses can have to a casual, plain outfit, but we also believe nail polish can do the trick for you if you choose it right.

“What’s the big deal with the nail polish”, you might say. Well, like shoes, clothes or hair, there are trends when it comes to nail polish too and we know the latest for the fall/winter 2013-2014 season.  Check them out!


Back in black

Black is back in charts and it promises to give you a hotter, stronger, more powerful look.


This is a major trend this season, not only in clothes and shoes but also in nail polish. Whether you go for cold or warm neutrals, they are a must this fall. Go for light or dark grey, beige or brown.


IMG_7713aactually when it’s winter I like more light colors on my nails –  I feel that it brightens up the dark winter nights and It’s a more fresh look especially when you wear a lot of dark in the winter . there also a  theory that brighter lighter colors can help you with the mood…


Oxblood was a total hit last season and all its fans will be happy to hear the color is back this fall. This season’s hue is very dramatic and deep, defining for the strong, mysterious urban woman.

Reminiscence of the summer

Between all these dark shades of fall, we can still find some of the strong and bright colors that made the trends this summer. So make sure you keep the electric nail polish you bought this summer. Bright red, orange, yellow and cobalt are still major trends.

Dark, dark, dark

The darker the better – this is the rule of the fall. Make sure you wear one of these nail polish shades on your nails this season: amethyst, dark emerald green, midnight blue, purple.

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