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How to conquer … Masha Lund?

This spectacular model and Danish actress turns sexy teacher of seduction to instruct on the issue.
GQ // NOVEMBER 3, 2014


Masha Lund.
Photo: Blue Moon.


Danish by birth,American by adoption. Masha began her rise to fame on the reality show of her native country Danske Hollywoodfruer, later changing her place of residence to Hollywood. Back in California, Lund became involved in various brand campaigns as well as focus on acting grounds.

Currently Masha is the image of the lingerie company Dreamgirl, additionally she has participated to date in several films, most notably The Pick of Destiny, alongside Jack Black, and Epic Movie,where she starred with Carmen Electra. Not content with that, she was then placed 61of the sexiest women in the world by the magazine FHM. On this occasion, the sensual Dane instructs you on flirting and seduction … Take Notes!

– When did you discover that you wanted to devote yourself to modeling?

I think as a child, I loved to dress and pose in front of the camera or the mirror. – laughs

– What is your goal as an actress?

Winning an Oscar! – laughs – No, I’d say to grow,motivate and push myself to be better at my field and try to give life to many more characters, all those that can.

– How does it feel to be considered one of the sexiest girls in the world?

It’s a great compliment, but really do not think I am as sexy as they say. – laughs

Masha Lund.
Photo: Blue Moon.


– What does beauty mean to you?

It means to be beautiful not only outside but also inside.

– What do you like doing in your spare time?

Walking My English bulldogs. I love them! I also feel a certain attraction to interior design and decoration. I love traveling, cooking, going out with my friends. Recently I’ve been taking aerial dance classes … Incredible!

– What is the best phrase that someone has used to approach you?

One day someone came saying he’d love to be the one who take care of my bulldog. At first I thought he was only interested in the dog, but it was cute. We ended up dating for three years. – laughs

– According to your experience, how should a first date go?

Ideally a meal in a perfect place. A bottle of wine and candles. In my case, the conversation should be a crucial part, plus he must make me laugh throughout the entire evening.

– What is your favorite body part of a man?

The chest and arms.

– Sex on the first date?

No, I think the most important thing is to get to know each other. That will make the girl feel special.

– How would you describe your ideal man?

With a sense of humor, intelligent, ambitious, adventurous, generous and loves the Bulldogs. – laughs –

– And the GQ Man?

Sexy, classy and unique style.

Masha Lund.
Photo: Blue Moon.



– Favorite Movie: Jerry Maguire.

– A city in the world: London and New York.

– A car: Mercedes-Benz G Wagon.

– Favorite Musician: Rihanna, Tiesto, Akcent and Bruno Mars.

– iPhone or Android: iPhone.

– Twitter or Facebook: Twitter (@real_MashaLund).

– Day or night: Both.

– The rude boy or romantic: Both,why not?

– Favorite place to have sex: The bed.

– Phrase leading your life: “Enjoy life like there is no tomorrow.Hard work pays off.”

Masha Lund.
Photo: Blue Moon.


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